About Us

With Main Dealer trained mechanics and auto-electrician we have over 25+ years of experience between us, we here at Carwiz Garage in the heart of Doha offer our customer excellent rates on all vehicle servicing and repairs. Combined with our friendly atmosphere and unobtrusive service we will leave you feeling extremely satisfied with our service.
Repairing today’s high tech vehicles requires patience, precision and extensive knowledge. We take pride in our dedicated technicians who possess a thorough understanding of today’s advanced repairing techniques .
Carwiz Garage are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment enabling us to quickly find whatever fault your vehicle may have thus getting you back on the road as soon as possible.
One of the experienced and reliable consultants & service providers for vehicle care we offer complete auto repairs, services structural and cosmetic repairs, electrical and mechanical repairs.
Our goal is nothing short of perfection, and to achieve that only factory specified parts and the highest quality paints are used to ensure that your vehicle will be repaired and painted according to the highest industry standards.
We aim to provide our customers with a service indistinguishable from the agency repair quality while offering clear pricing, honest and confirmation-first customer experience.
In the past decade, a lot has happened in the cockpit too: formerly, only a simple representation of the environment consisting of six objects was possible; now the detailed environment and the swing out area can be shown on a digital map, calculated by an intelligent system.